3’s & 4’s News



Dear Parents, 


We have experienced a very smooth opening of school – only a few tears and a very rapid adjustment for all of us as we settle into our routine.  I am sure you are hearing about “Magic Circle”, “Quiet Time”, “Pick-up-Time” and the most favorite “Snack Time.”  These are all important transition times for your children as they learn to feel secure in what comes next.  They are all doing well with my name, but I hope you will help them with their “other” teachers’ names also:  Mrs. Short and Mrs. Benedetto.  I am looking forward to an exciting year for all of us. 


Our first field trip to Cobble Creek Farm is scheduled for next week. Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who signed up to go, we couldn’t do it without your help.  Field trips are an important part of our program.  Through a variety of trips your children will experience the world around them, gain social skills, experience other adults and have a lot of fun.  The cost of the tour is $6.00 per person (child and adult) which includes a hayride, apple, cider, donut and a pumpkin as big as you can carry for each child. 


A very special Thank You to those of you who made donations to United Way for our scholarship fund.  There is always more of a need for help than we have funds for. We do not receive funds from the United Way unless we are specifically designated by you. If you work for a company that contributes, please choose us. If you do not but you know someone who does (ie: grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, co-workers, friends), please, please consider us. If you do not participate in the United Way, but would like to make a tax deductible donation we would be thrilled to accept it anytime throughout the year. 


October is Fire Prevention Month and I am planning to have the fire trucks visit us at school.  I will be talking with your child about fire safety rules.  Every year many preschool age children are hurt or killed in fires they start themselves.  This is a very serious problem and I hope you will reinforce the rules at home. 


We are still missing pictures for our Birthday Bulletin Board! 


Halloween is an exciting time, and to celebrate, we will have a Fall Festival.  I will also need parents to sign-up to help with the games.  Check the bulletin board.  We wear orange and black but NO costumes!  We need to save them for Trick or Treating at night. 


At RAP we will be printing your child’s name using upper and lower case letters (Ruth not RUTH).  I am enclosing a chart showing the letters so you can help your child when they want to write their name.  Teaching all capitals means they will have to relearn it in Kindergarten. 


Parents, please remember we need to always hold our children’s hands in the parking lot.  They are too small to be seen between the cars. 



Remember to wash your child’s hands before entering the classroom. Parents of Tues. & Thurs. class please ask your child to use the bathroom at that point, to keep them from leaving Circle Time. We do ask throughout the day as well. Thanks!  Also, no need to send a change of clothes in your backpack.  If someone has an accident, I have everything I need here at school, i.e. socks, underwear, pants, shirts.  The only thing I do not have are pull ups. 


When calling school please dial 247-5292 and press 4.  The 247-5293 line is the fax machine line and it will not be answered when you call it. 



RAP Playdough Recipe 

4 cups flour4 cups watermix 

2 cups salt4 Tablespoons oil  together 

8 tsp cream of tartar food coloring 

Mix together.  Cook over medium heat until too thick to stir. 

Knead.  Store in plastic bag in plastic container. 








Wednesday, September 28Last day to order RAP T-shirt 

Thursday, October 5Cobble Creek Farm Field Trip for all classes 

Friday, October 6RAP Closed – Superintendent’s Conference Day 

Monday, October 9RAP Closed – Columbus Day 

Thursday, October 12Gates Fire trucks visit school 

Friday, October 13Gates Fire trucks visit school 

Wednesday, November 8“Man in Your Life Night” 

Thursday, November 9“Man in Your Life Night” 


Please check out website at www.rochesterareapreschool.wordpress.com and

like us on Facebook. 














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