3 & 4 Year Old Class

What will my child be doing?

A typical day includes circle time (music), freeplay with small group
instruction, an art project, playtime in the big room, calendar, and
Our program encourages social and emotional development, as well as fine
and gross motor development.

The 4 year old class also gives the students academic exposure for
pre-reading and pre-writing development.

Annually, we have 2 field trips and 2 evening activities so that parents
can be more involved.

Class size for both morning classes is 22 students.  One teacher, two

Pre-school Plus

This program is designed for children whose parents choose to give them
an extra year before starting kindergarten and for children with birthdays
of December 1st or later.

What will my child be doing?

This is a well-rounded program, designed with age-appropriate learning
activities and an emphasis on social skills, readiness skills, and
problem-solving.  Printing names with UPPER and lower case letters,
number and letter puzzles, manipulatives, tracking, and BIG Books are all part
of this exciting opportunity for your child.

This class has field trips and 2 evening activities so that parents can
be more involved.

Class size is 14 students.One teacher, one assistant.

How we grow at RAP

Intellectual growth is important, but it cannot and should not be
over-emphasized at the expense of social, emotional, and physical areas
growth and development.

We learn to…
    take turns
    finish what we start
    follow directions
    dress ourselves
    pick up after ourselves
    role play
    story tell
    express ourselves
    and much, much more!


Rochester Area Pre-School opened its doors in 1970 to provide a place
for three, four, and five year olds of various backgrounds to grow with one
another in an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding, where each
child is encouraged to discover him or herself as a person of infinite worth.

Our staff has been teaching at RAP for a combined 30 plus years.  They
demonstrate some great attributes.  These personal qualities include
friendliness, honesty, patience, voice modulation, dependability,
integrity,energy, creativity, and a pure love of children.

Although RAP is housed in the Gates Presbyterian Church building and
benefits not only from the shared space, but from scholarship assistance
as well, RAP is interfaith and nonsectarian.  It does have a separate Board
of Directors which meets monthly to set policy and oversee that the school
is functioning smoothly.  This volunteer board is comprised of church and
community members, usually parents who have (had) children at RAP.
Although each board position has a specific job description, any board member
would be happy to answer questions or hear concerns.

Most importantly, we are a family at RAP, and it is our belief that….